ISTANBUL Bazaar Activity Ideas

Always new items are coming in to make your gifts special and uunique every time! Check out the collection of one of a kind Gift ideas! 

  • Perfumes
  • Caftans
  • Henna
  • Hookah's
  • Tea and Coffee sets
  • Paintings
  • Table Runners

Our Products:

Henna  Party

The excitement of making your own designs! Share your creativity with your friends and experiment! Authentic beauty in design.  From using the authentic Medicinal Natural Henna to the colorful ones from Bridal white and all colors of the rainbow! Why stick with permanent tattoo when you can make temporary designs that change weekly! Its much more fun! 

Istanbul bazaar imports and sells a variety of unique items to the Mediterranean area such as: Greece Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Egypt, Morocco and many more. Our items include Jewelry handbags home Decor hookah  and artworks. 

Fancy Tea Party with Friends

Beautiful tea and coffee sets! So elegant and fancy, you cannot resist to take a sip from that cup! Show off your home made treats and brewing skills with this shimmering ambiance! 

A Fancy Caftan Party

A great excuse to play dress up in a very comfortable way! These Caftans are a size fits all! Be yourself in a new colorful and elegant presence!  

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We are a family business who adore Turkey and it's capital Istanbul! We wanted to share the wonderful experience of Istanbul Bazaar with you and get the Mediterranean flavor locally!